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pure determination is when you turn on the computer, find out your recent sketch files has been corrupted and deleted, scream, down 2 energy drinks and redo both missing pages in one day and sitting

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Happy bday Dabi u3u


Art collab with my friend SR_Silvart on twitter! she has no waterfall ;;;; a good way to start the year by finishing old pieces~

SR did the sketch and shading, I did the lineart and flat colors

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I really enjoy using waterfall and I'd like to follow more blogs, and I'm sure a lot of you do too, especially since theres been an influx of new people! reblog this if you usually log in around at least once a month and we can find eachother! <3<3<3

the legend herself

on twitter theres a challenge of drawing suzuhirahiro666s Very Popular drawing thats a blast from the past for the new years!


City at Night

This was a bit of a study on cityscapes, as well as lighting. Pretty proud of this one!

another prompt! this time aerandir and farraige sharing some flower "crowns" (farraige is trying)

the flowers are snapdragons and forget-me-nots!

updated my blog a bit and added some pages! well, just two. one to sort my tags and the other and 'about me' aka more media links lmao

Let's stay in seasonal theme for the "old stuff" update : Merfolk for Mermay!

being an artist online be like [posts in tumblr] [posts on twitter] [posts on da] [posts on pillowfort] [posts on waterfall] [pos

Beneath the Mask

Commission for Twillfox on FurAffinity! Gosh, I loved working on this so much.

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Commission Marketplace - Initial Release

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This post marks the release of the first iteration of the Commission Marketplace. Before you get going, please read this post carefully.

It's important to remember the current version is incomplete. While the core is there - opening commissions, milestones, paying, etc - many of the additional features are not. This is a deliberate decision we made to make sure that testing is smoother.

This also means it's a little ugly right now, sorry about that.

As the first few users reegister and give us the all clear, we'll roll out more features. We want to work very closely with artists on this one, so please, join the Discord and give us suggestions and report bugs!

There's no link in the header yet until the first wave has given the all clear, so for now, head to commissions

Some quick tips:

  • Feel free to slap prices and stuff on the samples on the ad.
  • Make sure you have at least three milestones.
  • The minimum commission price is $3. The minimum milestone price is $1.
  • Milestone prices are a PERCENTAGE of the final cost.


Initial release.

sniff has been telling moomin there's been a ghost visiting him for the past week...

I just wanted to draw some big, cute, hearty laughs.

the very large friend

โ€œhow to start my โ€˜watch Epithet Erasedโ€™ propagandaโ€

Original image under the cut:

finally made ref sheets for my boy!

Pokemon Team!

new pokemon game means a new poke team WHICH MEANS DRAWING A NEW TEAM!

heres my trainer!! she prefers to be called Gold

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hmm i never know what to say but im always here tho (๏ฟฃโ–ฝ๏ฟฃ)b

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hey y'all im, really worried about my laptop crapping out within the next year or so because without it, i would lose contact with all my friends and lose access to my biggest comforts

im trying to save up for a new laptop so if you can please please please please donate to my ko-fi or commission me that would HIGHLY be appreciated

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