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Atomic/Mads - 25 - They/Them and She/Her - Artist in the making. More in my 'About Me'!

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im too into playing animal crossing to even draw about animal crossing

Sometimes you just gotta be a plant witch

my Sona, techinally? I never had one in my life

their name is Gold, theyre a sentient doll with plant powers, making them a nature witch!

Part 3 and the last so far! starting from the top is Dalhi, Hans, Sif, Ramil and Darwin,

part 2 of old ocs electric boogaloo listed from the top are: Fayola, Sellma, Chalchi, and Nikole (feat. Jenny again)

One OC batch! Designs are kinda old at this point but i still feel like sharing them :x

Listed from top to Bottom: Haliya, Reed, Remi, and Jenny,