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the legend herself

on twitter theres a challenge of drawing suzuhirahiro666s Very Popular drawing thats a blast from the past for the new years!


โ€œhow to start my โ€˜watch Epithet Erasedโ€™ propagandaโ€

Original image under the cut:

Pokemon Team!

new pokemon game means a new poke team WHICH MEANS DRAWING A NEW TEAM!

heres my trainer!! she prefers to be called Gold

if I told 5-years-ago-me that I'll eventually look into a fire emblem game they wouldve laughed in my face

do you ever just go back to a dungeon just to listen to a song even though you could just go to the music menu-

Spring Tune

around tumblr there was headcanons about Snufkin making spring grow wherever he steps and that was like, the coolest thing.


this is my OLDEST art by far and I still come back to look at this and everytime its just "wow. i did that"

Screen redraw - Moomin

an old redraw scene from a moomin episode~ heres the original below:

Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

(that reminds me! the new game just came out :D )