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Commission Marketplace - Initial Release

cm-dev -


This post marks the release of the first iteration of the Commission Marketplace. Before you get going, please read this post carefully.

It's important to remember the current version is incomplete. While the core is there - opening commissions, milestones, paying, etc - many of the additional features are not. This is a deliberate decision we made to make sure that testing is smoother.

This also means it's a little ugly right now, sorry about that.

As the first few users reegister and give us the all clear, we'll roll out more features. We want to work very closely with artists on this one, so please, join the Discord and give us suggestions and report bugs!

There's no link in the header yet until the first wave has given the all clear, so for now, head to commissions

Some quick tips:

  • Feel free to slap prices and stuff on the samples on the ad.
  • Make sure you have at least three milestones.
  • The minimum commission price is $3. The minimum milestone price is $1.
  • Milestone prices are a PERCENTAGE of the final cost.


Initial release.